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BLAST Exp Beach Holidays


Celebration, relaxation, family, friends or even work, the world has amazing sun, sea and surf. BLAST Experiences can tailor design your perfect summer escape.   

BLAST Exp Snow holidays


A family Ski Holiday will create life long memories and bring the family together for years to come. Premium Mountains and Resorts across Europe, Asia, North America and NZ will provide amazing variation and choice. Apres Ski, Yes Please!

BLAST Exp Domestic travel


From the Great Barrier Reef to the mystic of Uluru, Australia has something for every family. Luxury hideouts, bbq sunset dinners to the adventure of camping and everything in between. Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge to the sporting capital of the world in Melbourne, there’s a reason it’s called ‘The Lucky Country’.

BLAST Exp Asia Family travel


 Asia is a continent so full of personality, culture, intrigue, adventure and spirituality. Is there a better region in the world to eat than Asia? Curry's, dumplings, Pho soups, noodle and rice dishes varying through local spices and flavours. Families are spoilt for never ending destinations & travel styles.

BLAST Family South Pacific


Discovering the remote South Pacific and surprisingly diverse land will provide pure relaxation and the perfect de-stress for your family. For those seeking action, you will not be disappointed all coming together to enjoy  fresh seafood awaiting at day's end.

BLAST NZ Family travel


New Zealand - mountains, glaciers, forests, fjords, pristine lands, and lots of sheep.

The country is the adventure capital of the world. Hiking, skydiving, caving, bungy jumping, skiing, world class Golf. What more can I say. NZ has something for the entire family. You will sleep well. 

BLAST Exp Family cruise


Exuberant scenery from the sea, ports conveniently located near the city, reachable tourist attractions and non stop on ship entertainment. Your only job is to choose your paradise and sit back and relax. Cruising is the fastest growing family holiday, there is never ending choice for the entire family.

BLAST Family USA Travel


South, Central & North America beats through thick rain forests, high-plain deserts, pulsating city's, glorious beaches, National Parks and offbeat oasis. From Rio, via Disney to New York. Salsa dancing one night to Rock'n'roll the next, The America's provides unlimited family fun & choice.

BLAST Family self drive travel


Dreaming of the open road? some of my fondest memories is that family road trip. From expansive outback adventures of Australia to dramatic coastline routes in America and changing cultures of Europe, Our planet spoils us for adventure. BLAST will work with you designing your perfect family road trip. 

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