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BLAST Experiences Cruise


Exuberant scenery from the sea, ports conveniently located near the city, reachable tourist attractions and non stop on ship entertainment. Your only job is to choose your paradise and sit back and relax. A small ship to the Galapagos, island hopping around the Caribbean, the wonder of the Panama Canal, glaciers, volcanoes or diving around Iceland, circumnavigating Australia or the raw coastal beauty of Africa.

And there is so much more! 

BLAST River cruising


"What a unique travel experience" are the often spoken words from those who travel by river. Rhone, Rhine, Volga, Danube in Europe, Brahmaputra, Mekong, Yangzte, Irrawaddy in Asia, Amazon in South America or the Zambezi in Africa, we have something for everyone

BLAST Exp Expeditions


Arctic? Antarctic? or both?

Roaming polar bears, seals, reindeer and colonies of birds all co-exist in this harsh arctic. Picture yourself discovering the raw beauty of untamed Antarctica. Discovering the South Shetland exploring unspoiled wilderness, uninhabited by man, where the penguins, seals, whales and seabirds are the true rulers.

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